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 If you wish to visit the highlands of the island, we are willing to guide you through Irini's olive groves by walking alongside the river, through paths and cobblestone pavements where you will discover traditional agricultural techniques of organic olive cultivating. For five generations now we cultivate the sacred olive tree with love and respect. and every year we gather its fresh fruits. With cold extraction the juice of the olive remains fresh up until it reaches tour plate.

Paint with the background our olive groves or the breathtaking views from the balconies of Eirini Studios

With joy Myrta will invite you to her kitchen to cook traditional dishes by using freshly picked vegetables from the family garden of Irini like dishes with zuchini and eggplant in the form of a small bowls, stuffed vegetables baked in the oven and many more. A bunch of mint, oregano or basil await for you on your balcony to revive old memories.

Myrta's kitchen is available for you to experiment and discover authentic tastes. She will be with you to show how to combine all these valuable ingredients by adding the excellent virgin olive oil IRINI from green olives. Try our cheese or cottage cheese, yoghurt, honey, jam all made with a lot of from housewives.